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Interested in adopting a cat or kitten from us? 

Click link below to fill out application form. 

We will then be in contact with any questions or to complete next steps. 

Adoption Application

How do I start the adoption process? 

    It's easy. Click the Link above to fill out form to submit an application.  

What are your adoption prices? 

     A single kitten is $150 

    Two kittens are $250

     Three kittens are $350

     Cats over six months of age are considered adults and are $75

      Senior kitties are $50 

All of those adoption fees include a kitty that has been spayed/neutered, has age appropriate vaccines, been tested for fiv/felv, microchipped, flea treated, and dewormed. 

Why so much for a rescue cat? I could get a free one somewhere else..... 

     That's true. You could. We utilize a low cost spay/neuter program to get our kitties fully vetted.

     But if we break it down: 

                                          Spay/Neuter- $65 

                                                   Includes Rabies Vaccine

                                          Microchip- $15 

                                          Felv/FIV Test- $25

                                          FVRCP Vaccine- $10 

                                              Gets Booster - $10

                                          Deworming- $15

                                          Flea Treatment- $10 


                                        For a Grand Total of $150


That's for any age cat or kitten we take in. You'll notice theres no food, litter, or additional medical costs in that number which getting kitties from outside need more often than not. 

So we're not out for the money. We're really just trying to recoup some of the expense we put out. We're 100% fundrasing and donation supported. We have to keep money coming back into our accounts so we can keep saving more kitties. No one wants to stop the need is just to great. 

Why do you seem so picky about who gets to adopt a cat from you? 

       That's fair. We are picky. We want to set our adopters and our cats alike for the best possible lives. We

       want everyone to be happy and have a wonderful experience having a new pet in their home. That's

       why we work hard to be honest about a cat/kittens needs or temperaments. So no one is surprised 

       whenever the kitten is going bonkers because it really did need a friend. Or that the other kitten is left

       behind crying because it was so bonded to it's sibling. Or the resident older cat hates the new addition

       because it's making it nuts. Or the new cat is mean to the resident cat because it doesn't want to have 

       a sibling. 

So we absolutely will continue to be "picky" and strive to find our adopters and our cats alike the best possible homes. 

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