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Help I found a kitten...

If you find kittens, your first instinct might be to rescue them. But, usually it isn't in the best interest of the kittens! 


​First, ask yourself these simple questions:

 Are they in IMMEDIATE danger?
If they are in a dangerous location MOVE THEM TO SAFETY SO MOM CAN FIND THEM.


Are sure 100% sure they have been abandoned by mom and are 4 weeks or younger AND are cold or sickly looking?



How OLD are the kittens? See the helpful graphic chart below 

Newborn - 4 Weeks Old?
If the kittens appear healthy and comfortable you can safely wait 2-4hours for mom to return. 

5-8 Weeks Old?
If the kittens appear healthy and comfortable you can safely wait 6-8 hours for mom to return.  Provide a safe space and food/water. Monitor them, try to figure out who the mother is, where she goes, and then reach out for help and advice. 

Over 8 Weeks Old?
They have been weaned from mom and are old enough to be without her! Time to get them spayed/neutered (don't forget mom too!) and either start socializing to find forever homes or if absolutely necessary TNVR (Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Release) them.

Where is MOM? 

          If she is around, is she friendly or feral? Mom is always their best caregiver!  We never want to separate them from her if it can be avoided. Most rescues are much more comfortable taking a friendly mom and kittens. Not that Feral moms shouldn't be helped as well just takes a little more special care. 

Also ask yourself, What can YOU do?

           Posting on facebook for someone to come get them or texting your friend who knows someone in rescue, or leaving a message somewhere shouldn't be your answer.


Better things to think about include:

Are you willing to transport them to someone that's willing to help?

Rescues and shelters are mostly "staffed" by volunteers who can't always just drop everything or may not  have the extra money to run the gas because they've spent extra on food since donations were low. At  the very least offer to help meet them somewhere closer. 

Can you Donate toward their care?

                 Cats and kittens just in vetting alone runs 150 dollars and up thats not even counting food and other supplies that's a lot of money really quickly especially for small but mighty rescues. 

Can you help with the Trapping process if needed? 

Even if you don't know how to set up the trap you could offer to watch it for the rescue person. Odds are they have a zillion other things to do. So help them out too. 


Can you Foster them (quite often rescues and shelters alike are overloaded) ?

If you can give them a safe space inside even if its only until a rescue or shelter can come up with a plan it can make the difference in whether they can help or not. 

Kitten age progression

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